Ethan Strauss's home page

Welcome to my home page.
I have written some web pages:



If you are interested in me and my work look here for:

I can do Freelance HTML, VBscript, ASP and JavaScript development. Let me know if you are interested.


I have been writing to papers and politicians a lot recently. If you are interested you may look at some of my letters

Some relatives home pages.





John Guckenheimer



Becca-Riverview Chamber Players-Muse Chamber Players

Betty Westgard

Local sites of interest

City of Madison
Madison Movies
Yahoo Madison
Madison Newspapers
Madison Weather
South Central Wisconsin Wildlife areas
Greentree Neighborhood Association

Local Game Stuff

Merlin's Keep- Highly recommended, but moved to Texas :-( 
Replaced by "legacy games" which seems not to have a web site
Madison wordplayers
Pegasus games
The Last Square
Madison Board Gamers

Here are links to game related sites. I am always looking for gamers (mostly ftf). I especially like ASL, Breakout:Normandy, A3R, Railroad games, Merchant of Venus and many others. If you are in the Madison area and would like to play Drop me a line


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