Family & Friends

Elizabeth and Loki new years 2011

Elizabeth Jan 2011


Rob & Elizabeth Jan 2011

Rover Jan 2011

Anne & Mittens resting

Rob the sound technician

Anne's Cello

Henry and Peter practice pipetting

Margaret going down the slide at Epic

Wunk,Took, Threek, Fork

Albin and Rob play with fire

Anne hanging out with her buddy

Elizabeth accompanied by Betty


Rover rolled in something nasty! Marcell, Jarrell, and Ethan hold him to be cleaned.

Rob and his pal

Anne and Elizabeth on a pictured rocks boat trip

Rob and Elizabeth

Rob doing a few pushups


Elizabeth the hippy

Chloe and her pet

Anne and Rob

Chloe as Belatrix

Elise, Chloe and Elizabeth channel Harry Potter's pals